Week 6

This is my E-petition

Thank you Mr Gill 

Your name has been added to the Open the Redland Bay Mental Health Facility E-Petition as specified below.

Please print this page if you require confirmation.

I commented on this post by Helen Razor http://dailyreview.crikey.com.au/at-least-the-games-industry-wins-in-abbotts-war-on-red-tape/11537#comment-46957. My comment was “Impeach Abbott”

Message to Barrack Obama

The importance of freedom on the internet cannot be mistaken. For a democracy to be truly effective you need a well informed populous, what better tool is their than the internet for the spreading of important information to large numbers. As Benjamin Franklin famously said Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Australian Government Clean Feed

The Australian government had plans to censor the Internet and the Labour government on New Years Eve, 2007, originally proposed it under the guise of protecting children. The arguments for this proposal were that it would limit access to adult content, internet users would be able to complain about sites they found offensive and that websites that promoted crime and terrorism would be blocked.

The arguments against far outnumbered and there was a huge public outcry. The majority of people felt like this was a huge invasion of our civil liberties and heralded a move towards a nanny state. Plans for Internet censorship have failed so far in Australia and I hope that remains the case.

The NBN 


The National Broadband Network in today’s technological age is an advent that would cement Australia’s place amongst the world leaders economically. The main benefit of the NBN is a faster Internet mode for all Australians. This style of Internet is particularly import considering how large are country is. It was originally proposed as a fiber to premises plan, which would be the most effective but due to costs the new government has claimed that a fiber-to-the-node system is better suited (Gregory, 2014). I feel this is a shame because it just seems like if it is not done as effectively as possible now, in the future it is going to just end up being replaced at higher cost.


Gregory, M, What the NBN cost- benefit review doesn’t tell you, http://www.businessspectator.com.au/, date accessed, 05/09/2014.

My local representative is Jane Prentice; my state representative is Campbell Newman and my federal representative is Teresa Gambaro.

Jane Prentice’s last speech was concerning three soldiers deaths from the Enoggera Barracks. I didn’t really have an opinion on it but I don’t agree with Australian involvement in Afghanistan.

I posted a comment on http://madelineparamor.wordpress.com/2014/09/05/week-six/comment-page-1/#comment-3 week 6 post and I just said that she was posting some good stuff.



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