Week Three

Which of Stephen Stockwell’s books are in the Griffith Library?
These are the Stephen Stockwell book’s currently in the Griffith Library.
• Isakhan, B., 1977 & Stockwell, S., 1954 2011, The secret history of democracy, Palgrave Macmillan Ltd, New York; Basingstoke.
• Stockwell, S.E. 2010, Rhetoric and Democracy: Deliberative Opportunities in Current Electoral Processes, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.
• Stockwell, S., 1954 & Informit 2005, Political campaign strategy: doing democracy in the 21st century, Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne.
• Stockwell, S., 1954 & Scott, P., 1961 2000, All-media guide to fair and cross-cultural reporting: for journalists, program makers and media students, Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy, Nathan, Qld.

Cite three academic references that may prove useful for writing an essay on “Alphaville”
• Brody, R., 1958 2008, Everything is cinema: the working life of Jean-Luc Godard, Metropolitan Books, New York.
• Buss, R. 1994, French film noir, Marion Boyars, New York; London.
• Meehan, P., 1948 2008, Tech-noir: the fusion of science fiction and film noir, McFarland, Jefferson, N.C.

What is a book that will assist you to find out about possible research methods to explore social media?

Wiley, J, 2010, The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research: Tools and
Techniques for Market Researchers.

What is the latest thinking on Internet addiction?

Since the rise in popularity of the Internet, professionals have been debating whether pathologic use should be classed as an addictive disorder. Recently it has been discovered that Internet addiction is associated with certain brain lesions and dysfunctions. It also aversely affects the part of the brain associated with executive functioning, most notably working memory. Those most likely to be effected by pathological Internet use are people in their teens and early twenties.(Hsu,Chang, Tseng, Chiu, 2014).

The database I used for this information was “ClinicalKey”.

Hsu, W, Lin, S, Chang, S, Tseng, Y and Chiu, N, 2014‘ Examining the diagnostic criteria for Internet addiction: Expert validation’. Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, N.P, Australia Clinical Key, Viewed 19 August 2014.

What are IT engineers thinking about surveillance cameras?

Currently IT engineers are looking to develop surveillance cameras further, after recognizing the importance they will play in the protection of assets (Wang, 2013). Areas they are looking to improve are thermal imaging and facial recognition. They believe these advances can act as a deterrent for crimes. An interesting aspect to explore in an essay would be whether the government using these sorts of technologies would encroach on our civil liberties.

The database I used for this information was “Science Direct”

Wang, X, Intelligent multi-camera video surveillance: A review, Pattern Recognition Letters, Volume 34, Issue 1, 1 January 2013, Pages 3-19,

Papers that that would be useful for this subject are
Weber, K. 2006, “Privacy invasions: New technology that can identify anyone anywhere challenges how we balance individuals’ privacy against public goals”, EMBO reports, vol. 7, pp. S36-9.
O’Rourke, A. 2005, The Right to Privacy, Control Publications Pty Ltd, Victoria.
IVy, K. 2002, “CTRL SPACE]: Rhetorics of Surveillance from Bentham to Big Brother”, Library Journal, vol. 127, no. 19, pp. 67.


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