Week Two

I have been using new communication technologies to communicate with my friends since primary school. These were before the days when my parents would trust me to keep a mobile phone, so instead I was using instant messenger on the computer. As soon as school finished I would rush home and start talking to my friends about the days events. As I got older my methods of communicating with friends and family started to change. Strangely enough, it was my mum who made me create a Facebook account. I have a lot of relatives who live in the UK and she wanted me to stay in contact with them.

Because I use Facebook primarily to communicate, one of my main concerns is privacy. The price you pay is not monetary but agreeing to have your information sold to third parties. I operate under the assumption that I have nothing to hide so it doesn’t really matter but every now and then Facebook will ask me to disclose information that just seems creepy. For example, when was your first kiss? Most of my friends don’t know that so why would I want to tell Facebook.

The amount of private information I’m sharing on Facebook can at times be quite unnerving. An option for monitoring this is to go to graph.facebook/markzuckerberg, but replace Zuckerberg’s name with your own (Costa, 2010). With the current legislation the Australian government is trying to implement regarding Meta data, it seems that privacy concerns are only going to increase for the public.


Costa, D 2010, ‘Facebook: Privacy Enemy Number One?’, PC Magazine, 29, 7, p. 1, Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre, EBSCOhost, viewed 19 August 2014.


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